In 1998 we created our second Fountainbar the Aquarius. Her striking round, gothic shapes give this bar her a cosy atmosphere. It can be used as a bower or kiosk for a more intimate setting, but it will also do just fine at bigger events.

We are proud to introduce to you…


The Aquarius is our smallest tent but it has a lot to offer. We can raise it with three extra steps in order to create a space for storage underneath. It then has the capacity to hold at least 100 beer barrels. This Fountainbar features a special cloth which enables our clients to close up or shield the inside from wind or rain. The tent also has whispering canvas that muffles the sound of falling water.

General information

Middle bar ⌀
5 meters
4 (2 double cranes)
Beer coolers
Dripping trays
Sinks with running water
Space for tabletop fridges
6-8 (4 included)
Height counter
90 centimeters
Storage space
Supplies and empty goods
Whispering canvas
Outward expansion serving ring
Inside and outside

Technical information

Tent diameter ⌀
9,8 meters (with steps) 8 meters (without steps)
Tent height
4,35 meters (with steps), 3,35 meters (without steps)
75 m2, 64 m2 (without steps)
Sprinkler height
3,5 meters minimum above the roof of the tent
Minimum height for placement
7 meters
Electricity requirements
1 x 32 ampère
Water supply
Water drainage
Preferably within 20 meters of the tent centre
Net weight
7.000 kilos (including water)
Container truck
Construction time
7-8 hours
Take-down time
6-7 hours

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