Out of our four tents, Fontres is the most adventurous one. Mainly because it has one very special advantage: it can be transported on a trailer, which makes it easier (and faster and cheaper) to build up and take down this Fountainbar.
That is why Fontres has seen Perth, Edinburgh, Barcelona and Manchester. This Fountainbar has a warm, inviting appearance with water elements. After the sun sets, these elements light up with blue colors. It has standing tables built in around the bar, which make it a great place to hang out. Finish up with some benches places around it, and voilà: you’re ready to go.

General information

Middle bar ⌀
5,20 meters
4 (2 double taps)
Beer coolers
Dripping trays
Sinks with running water
Height counter
90 centimeters
Storage space
Supplies and empty goods
Standing tables
Outward expansion serving ring
Whispering canvas
Built in

Technical information

Tent diameter ⌀
10 meters
Tent height
3,40 meters
Sprinkler height
3,5 meters minimum above the roof of the tent
Minimum height for placement
7 meters
78 m2
Electricity requirements
1 x 32 ampère
Water supply
Water drainage
Preferably within 20 meters of the tent centre
On a trailer behind a bus
Construction time
5-6 hours
Take-down time
4-5 hours
Net weight
Fountainbar: 2750 kg, trailer: 1250 kg

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