La Tramontana

Simply put, La Tramontana is applied art: aside from looking at it, you can actually use it. La Tramontana draws green energy from the wind and the sun. There are 16 solar panels and she is crowned with a big wind turbine. They charge two enormous batteries which can charge phones for example.

At night La Tramontana uses her energy to light herself. The umbrella’s, the space inside and the sides of the tent are lit. The remaining energy can be used for extra lighting or to power equipment.

This infographic shows how this particular tent works.

The space inside can be furnished any way you want. People have used it for yoga, as a dance floor, als a meeting point, conference space, theatre, dining hall, stage, and hangout. We can make it into anything the heart of our client desires.

General information

Diameter ⌀
12,5 meters
9,5 meters, 11,5 meters with wind mill
Diameter inside
11,95 meters
Floor surface
119,5 meters
Maximum wind load
8 BFT / 20 meters per second
Kinetic art
64 rotating umbrellas on 4 combined axes

Technical information

Solar panels
16 x. potential output 3800 watts
Wind mill
Maglev Savonius, potential output 600 watts
Energy storage
2 battery packs
Energy release to user
2 x 40 USB docks, 4x schuko, max 6 ampère
Energy release to client
2 x 16 ampère
Lighting inside
16 x RGBW led strip in te roof
Lighting controls
Lighting roof
4 x white led spots or illumination of umbrellas
Lighting outside
32 x RGB illuminated isolatoren

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